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Stha’s Song (Mothers Day Tribute)

“Mother’s May” tribute dedicated to all the hard working women across Africa a reminder that you are a force to be reckoned with.

Mama, you’re a warrior, soldier fight on.

Title: “Stha’s Song” #SthasSong

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Fire Can’t Cool

This high energy dancehall inspired, afro pop-infused sing-along “Fire Can’t Cool” is Thaiwanda’s first official single of 2017. Written, produced and mixed by Thaiwanda himself the song was mastered by LA-based multi-platinum selling 3xGrammy nominated producer Yonni (@OfficialYonni).

#FireCantCool is dedicated to all the African power women across the globe who exemplify exellence within their chosen craft or profession, its a celebration of that fire you have that can’t be cooled.– Thaiwanda

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